Game Planning
Participants learn how to match their strengths to the challenges each course presents

Golf Psychology Tools
Participants learn how to apply the fundamental skills that develops focus and cultivates consistent high performance

Design Thinking
Participants acquire a system for breaking down problems that generate effective and creative solutions

Short Game Principles
Participants learn how to manage the subtle nuances of how and where most shots are lost

Thriving Under Pressure
High performers don't perform well under pressure – they know how to take the pressure off enabling them to perform to their potential

Long’s Laws for Great Golf
Each participant receives an extensive list of guiding principles for golf and career success

The Program

Golf, as in business, reveals a person's wisdom of knowing when to save shots and when to go for it. Managing risk is essential to success and our curriculum provides the tools and strategies to lower scores and improve returns. Our curriculum is designed to balance these two apparent contradictory approaches resulting in effective and efficient executive behavior.


  • Breakfast
  • Morning Workshop
  • Lunch
  • Range/Putting Lesson
  • On-Course Playing Lesson
  • Dinner & Executive Applications

Complimentary Leadership Execution Analysis© provided for each participant