Business case studies include:

  • Professional services firm set monthly, quarterly and yearly revenue records
  • Wall St. trader increased profitability 300%
  • CEO improved company productivity 25%
  • Institutional salesperson increased performance by 140%

Sport case studies include:

  • NFL Most Valuable Player
  • 1st player to hit over .400 in consecutive years - baseball -- Air Force Academy
  • 1st national champion in program history - women's tennis -- University of Kansas 
  • 1st QB in NCAA history to run and pass for over 1000 yards each in consecutive years - football -- Air Force Academy
  • 1st player in conference history to be named Defensive Player of the Year in consecutive years - football -- Air Force Academy
  • 1st female athlete to win individual conference championship on the DI level - track (high jump) -- Air Force Academy
  • 1st female athlete to be selected to 1st team All-Conference on the DI Level - women's soccer -- Air Force Academy
  • 1st athlete to win a conference championship in the men's pole vault - track -- Air Force Academy 
  • 1st lacrosse player to be selected All-American west of the Mississippi River - men's lacrosse -- Air Force Academy
  • 1st player to win a college golf tournament in program history - men's golf -- Air Force Academy
  • State Champion - men's golf -- Colorado Match Play Open Division 
  • Strength index record holder - football -- Air Force Academy
  • Record holder for highest game grades in program history - football -- Air Force Academy
  • World Champion - jet ski -- Women's Open Division


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