M&A Advisory Services

Motere's M&A Advisory Services protects your investment through three modules.

  1. We support due diligence through our proprietary behavioral analyses where we measure the capabilities of management teams to execute strategy.
  2. We help acquired management teams execute strategy more efficiently post acquisition.
  3. We help management teams prepare for sale to increase exit value.

Although mostly disregarded, we have found these services significantly contribute to value creation.

Motere’s M&A Advisory Services helps high-growth, dynamic companies navigate complex transactions, whether buying or selling, restructurings, turnarounds, divestitures, takeover defense, shareholder activism or distressed situations. We advise clients on influential, but neglected matters related to M&A due diligence. Buyers and sellers alike benefit from Motere’s recommendations and counsel resulting from valid management evaluation. Motere Consulting offers clients a mechanism to protect acquisitions and enhance value through a comprehensive approach to assessing, controlling and leveraging the management team factor. Benefits include:

  • Safeguard Fair Value
  • Increase Exit Value
  • Qualify Potential Management Partners
  • Manage Risk and Preserve Capital

Strategic execution is the piece that is most often neglected in M&A transactions, but has the strongest impact on business processes. Motere helps evaluate opportunities, mitigate risk and manage complexities. As a result, Motere's M&A Advisory Services improve performance, capture greater value from your transaction and unlock potential for growth.