Expanding and sharpening Execution IQ skills is only the beginning. It’s about results and relationships. Motere's Executive Presence Golf Workshops are part of a comprehensive strategy to grow your business.

  • Reward your most valued clients
  • Recognize your most productive employees
  • Close your most promising prospects

Accomplish all these objectives by spending three days at a five-star resort while acquiring first class, cutting edge instruction emphasizing the most important facet of business — Strategic Execution.

"You'll change your game. You'll change your business. You may even change your life."

Controlling your mind and using it properly separate people from the competition, be it on a golf course or in a boardroom. Consistent execution is more dependent on a person’s beliefs, on how effectively a person makes decisions and how effectively that person thinks than talent. High performers have a sense of commitment in everything they do, whether it’s playing golf or running a business. They approach ventures with principles and passion.

Executive Presence Golf Workshops

"It's more than golf. A lot more."

It's the moment before teeing off knowing you made the right decision. It’s watching the ball soar and land where you planned. It's calling the right shot and being handsomely rewarded for it. It's the sound of silence as you sink putt after putt. It's the conversations that follow, from private moments with your partner to hearty laughter with the group. It’s about confidence. It’s about commitment. It’s about focus. Welcome to your never to be forgotten golf experience through Motere Consulting.