Behavioral Analyses

Motere provides third party independent analyses of multiple dimensions for management performance that manage risk through human capital. Using a battery of valid psychological inventories, Motere’s proprietary analyses accurately measures leaders' primary behavioral competencies solving the strategy/execution paradox. While being foundational to all other leadership competencies, the core competency, Execution IQ, centers on one's ability to change and affect change. Our analyses turn uncertainty into calculable risk.

The Execution IQ Report measures the emotional maturity of the belief system of individuals and/or organizations regarding key dimensions of management performance. Research has shown that a person's potential is less indicative of high performance than the degree to which a person is capable of developing their inherent potential.

The Executive Presence Report provides an understanding of managerial tendencies. Leaders with a strong degree of Executive Presence are able to balance two critical dimensions: time and focus. Leaders who successfully balance these two critical dimensions consistently deliver results, execute strategy, drive change and build effective cultures.

The Leadership Execution Analysis generates results for eight components of execution.  We help manage risk by quantifying the people factor through valid and reliable behavioral analyses of management teams.

The Organizational Health Evaluation measures managerial capability for the three primary areas of organizational health. Leadership dictates culture, which drives execution. 

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