Improvement is found through the search for truth

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Validity

Nobody commits a little; people commit or they don’t

  • Partnering
  • Confidentiality
  • Creativity

Because no two people are the same

  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Humility

To help individuals and organizations grow, manage risk and increase value through proven behavioral tools and strategies.

We hold two primary skill sets — psychometrics and behavior change — where we measure and develop strategic execution skills. We measure individual, team and organizational strategic execution skills of management teams through our proprietary behavioral analyses. Through the behavioral analyses, our educational programs leverage strengths while filling in the gaps to improve strategic execution.

Grounded in Research. Universally Applied.

Established in 2000 and located in Colorado Springs, Motere Consulting is a performance enhancement firm providing management assessment and management development services. The company was founded by Dr. Stephen Long based on his psychometric and educational intellectual property that enhances performance and develops leadership. Motere specializes in strategic execution through valid measurements and proven educational programs equipping executives with the skills to execute strategy consistently.

About Us

We’re different. Winning conference and state championships in high school, and a national championship in college Dr. Long learned early through athletics the importance of strategic execution. No matter the talent, no matter the tradition, no matter the strategy people still have to execute.

Coaching three different sports on the college level confirmed Dr. Long’s idea that a person’s mindset is fundamental to consistent execution. Earning full scholarships for his masters and PhD degrees, he proceeded to examine the factors that contribute to consistent high performance and strategic execution. Analyzing several proven psychological constructs, Dr. Long created a valid and reliable psychological inventory measuring the components of strategic execution. Rather than multiple factors as originally thought, Phase I of his research showed it was a single concept where a person’s belief system was found to prevent or enable people to execute strategy consistently. There are political belief systems, economic belief systems, religious belief systems. Dr. Long identified the performance belief system that is the foundation of strategic execution. Water rises to it own level where people execute only to the effectiveness of their belief system. At the heart of this performance belief system is emotional maturity — yeah, we know — it’s a loaded term. People who make sound decisions, learn proactively and adapt to change effectively have attained an amplified level of self-awareness though self-management and relationship management skills. We call this belief system Execution IQ™.

In Phase II of his research, Dr. Long committed to developing educational tools to enhance performance and develop leadership through Execution IQ. It was found people develop a more mature belief system through multiple educational formats including individual and group dynamics. However, an experiential model must be applied rather than a traditional lecture method. This isn’t algebra or managing email where people only need to understand, memorize and regurgitate. Human development requires people to do something. Whether it was athletics, academics, arts, military or business, Phase II showed Execution IQ is developed leading to significant improvement of individual, unit and organizational performance.

Spawned though competition, empirically proven and applied to just about any situation. Research conducted at a tier one college by a primary source who is one of North America’s top performance psychologists. We don’t follow the herd and we’re not a fad. Yeah, we’re different and proud of it. Our results speak for themselves. And we back it up. Our tagline — Grounded in Research. Universally Applied. — captures our mission, principles and values.